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Art History

Ancient Objects and Sacred Realms, edited by F. Kent Reilly III and James F. Garber.
Ten essays that take an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Mississippian iconography, and which explore the current research being conducted in regard to the iconography of this period, and how this has increased our understanding of the mythology, cosmology, ideology, and political organization of these prehistoric Mississippian societies.

The Art and Archaeology in the Moche, edited by Steve Bourget and Kimberly L. Jones.
A collection of fifteen essays that chronicle the history and culture of the Moche, as well as an overview of the current research being conducted on the Moche and the methodologies being used to conduct this research.

Gods and Heroes in Art, By Lucia Impelluso.
A handy reference guide to the gods and heroes depicted in Western art.

Gospel Figures in Art, By Stefano Zuffi.
A guidebook to the artistic masterpieces depicting events, figures, and teachings of the Christian Church surrounding the life of Jesus that are found in the Canonical and Apocryphal Gospels.

Greasy Luck: A Whaling Sketchbook, by Gordon Grant.
This book contains sixty-four annotated illustrations that exemplify what life was like for a whaler on a typical whaling voyage.

In Focus: Dorothea Lange, by Judith Keller.
Dorothea Lange is perhaps best known for her photographic documentation of life during the Great Depression, in this book about 50 of her photographs, taken throughout her long career, have been reproduced in this stirring book.

Music in Art, by Alberto Ausoni.
This new addition to the Guide to Imagery series of guidebooks offers an overview of how music, musical instruments, and musical performances are depicted in art.

Nature and Its Symbols, by Lucia Impelluso.
The fifth book in the Guide to Imagery series, this book looks at the symbolism of various plants and animals found in Medieval and Renaissance paintings and tapestries.

Nielsen's Fairy Tale Illustrations in Full Color, by Kay Nielsen.
Danish-American artist Kay Nielsen is famed for his versions of stories by the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen as well as the Nordic fables recounted in East o' the Sun and West o' the Moon. This enchanting compilation draws upon Nielsen's images from these and other beloved books.

Objects of Virtue: Art in Renaissance Italy, By Luke Syson and Dora Thornton.
This book takes an intriguing look at how individuals in Renaissance Italy viewed others through the art that they possessed.

Painters and the American West, Vol. 2, Contributors include Sarah A. Hunt, James P. Ronda, Joan Carpenter Troccoli, John Wilmerding .
Take a grand tour of Western American Art in this gorgeous coffee-table sized book that provides a unique means of exploring the meaning and history of the American West.

The Past and Present Series
A guidebooks series consiting of four books, Christian Rome: Early Christian Rome Catacombs and Basilicas, Italy: Monuments Past and Present, Israel: Past and Present, and Jordon: Past and Present - Petra, Jerash, Amman.

Placing Memory: A Photographic Exploration of Japanese American Internment, photographs by Todd Stewart.
This book contains a mix of modern and vintage photographs that document the ten internment camps located in the American West, in which Japanese-American's were interned during World War II.

Randolph Caldecott's Picture Books, by Randolph Caldecott.
A one volume collection containing reproductions of nine of Caldecott's best loved children's picture books.

Ritual & Power in Stone: The Performance of Rulership in Mesoamerican Izapan Style Art, by Julia Guernsey.
A detailed overview of the late Prelcassic Izapan style monuments from an art historical perspective.

Saints in Art, By Rosa Giorgi.
A handy reference guide to the over 100 Saints commonly depicted in Western religous artwork.

The Splendor of Roman Wall Painting, by Umberto Pappalardo.
Take an amazing tour of twenty-eight Roman villas, as you learn about the magnificent wall paintings that decorate their walls, including their history, how they were created, and what is being done to protect these masterpieces.

They Called Me Mayer July, by Mayer Kirshenblatt and Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett.
Painted Memories of a Jewish Childhood in Poland Before the Holocaust.

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