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MacCulloch, Diarmaid MacCulloch, John Arnott Maltby, Robert Mansfield, Peter Macri, Martha J. Marken, Damien B. Marshall, S.L.A. Martino of Como Marx, Tzvi C. Mason, Michele M. Matthews, Roger Mauch, Christof Maxwell, Judith M. Mayhew, Henry McCaffrey, James M. McCartney, Laton McChristian, Douglas C. McCullough, David McDonald, Angela McGrath, Alister McGinty, Brian McGuinness, Margaret M. McKenna, Maryn McLaird, James D. McNeilly, Mark McPherson, James M. Meacham, Jon Mee, Christopher Melzer, Patricia Menocal, Maria Rosa Mertz, Barbara Metcalf, Thomas R. Millard, Candice Miller, Judith Milton-Edwards, Beverley Mitchell, Stephen Montgomery, David R. Moote, A. Lloyd Morley, Sylvanus Griswold Morris, Desmond Morris, Roy Muller, W. Max
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