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Agnes Lake Hickok: Queen of the Circus, Wife of a Legend, by Linda A. Fisher and Carrie Bowers.
The unforgettable biography of a remarkable woman who was the first woman to own and operate a circus and who went on to marry Wild Bill Hickok and to work with Buffalo Bill Cody and P. T. Barnum.

Alexander the Great: Son of the Gods, by Alan Fildes and Joann Fletcher.
This book takes a comprehensive look at the full scope of Alexander's life, and the impact that he had, both during his life, and afterwards.

Andrei Sakharov: The Conscience of Humanity, edited by Sidney D. Drell & George P. Shultz.
A collection of essays that provide keen insights in the history, life, work, and legacy of Andrei Sakharov - scientist, dissident, human rights activist, and more...

Autobiography of Mother Jones, by Mary Harris Jones.
The compelling story of the life of a tireless labor leader and crusader for child labor laws and workers' rights.

The Beautiful Soul of John Woolman, Apostle of Abolition, by Thomas P. Slaughter.
A detailed and readable biography of John Woolman, a Quaker, social activist who is known as the father of the abolition movement.

Calamity Jane: The Woman and the Legend, by James D. McLaird.
The definitive biography of Martha Canary, a.k.a. Calamity Jane.

The Character of Meriwether Lewis, by Clay S. Jenkinson.
Explorer in the Wilderness - Essays on One of the Most Remarkable Men in American History.

The Children of Henry VIII, by John Guy.
This book provides an intimate look at the lives of Henry VIII's four children, Mary, Henry Fitzroy, Elizabeth, and Edward. It also examines how reproductive issues affected not only Henry VIII's personal relationships, but also British history as a whole.

Cleopatra: Last Queen of Egypt, by Joyce Tyldesley.
Who was Cleopatra? In this book, Tyldesley strips away the myth to uncover the real story of the last queen of Egypt.

Code Name Pauline, by Pearl Witherington Cornioley .
A memoir of a British Special Operations Executive (SOE) who spent seven months working in Nazi occupied France, where she became a resistance leader.

Crazy Horse: A Lakota Life, by Kingsley M. Bray.
Stripping away the fact from the fiction, Bray presents a detailed and engaging biography of the great Lakota leader, Crazy Horse.

Degrees Kelvin: A Tale of Genius, Invention, and Tragedy, by David Lindley.
This is a popular biography that provides a compelling overview of William Thomson's life and works, and which introduces a new generation to this nearly forgotten, but still vitally important scientific hero who is known to us today as Lord Kelvin.

Descartes: The Life and Times of a Genius, by A. C. Grayling.
In this new biography, A. C. Grayling tells the story of Descartes' life, and places it in his tumultuous times with the unexpected result that an entirely new aspect of the story comes to light.

A Doctor's War, by Aidan MacCarthy.
A riveting account of MacCarthy's experiences during World War II. A RAF doctor, he was captured by the Japanese and was to be one of the witnesses of the dropping of an atomic bomb on Nagasaki.

The Empress Theodora - Partner of Justinian, by James Allan Evans.
A fascinating biography of a woman who rose from the lowest ranks of Byzantine society to become an immensely powerful empress.

England's Mistress: The Infamous Life of Emma Hamilton, by Kate Williams.
A popular history of one of the most famous women in eighteenth century England, who is perhaps best remembered as the very public mistress of Admiral Horatio Nelson.

Florence Nightingale: Avenging Angel, By Hugh Small.
In this revolutionary biography of Florence Nightingale, Small presents the reader with an forthright view of exactly who Florence Nightingale was, what motivated her, and the effect of her activities both in making nursing a mainstream and acceptable occupation for middle and upper class women, for helping to institute academic nursing training, and the impact that she had on public health.

Flying In, Flying Out, by Edward Sniders.
An RAF fighter pilot during World War II, Edward Sniders spent a good part of the war as a POW, interned Nazi Stalag. In this book, Sniders chronicles his life as a prisoner, and his numerous escape attempts.

Force of Nature: The Life of Linus Pauling, by Thomas Hager
The definitive biography of Linus Pauling, a man who made important contributions to the fields of chemistry, biology, physics, immunology, and medicine and who tirelessly worked to ban nuclear testing. He was also an outspoken advocate of the benefits of Vitamin C.

The Irish General: Thomas Francis Meagher, by Paul R. Wylie.
A detailed biography of Thomas Francis Meagher, who during his diverse career served as a leading Irish revolutionary, Civil War General, and Acting Governor of the Montana Territory.

J. Robert Oppenheimer, the Cold War, and the Atomic West, by Jon Hunner.
An engaging and readable biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the 'Father of the Atomic Bomb'. This biography was written from a unique perspective in that it examines how the American West influenced Oppenheimer, and how he influenced the American West.

John Sutter: A Life on the North American Frontier, by Albert L. Hurtado.
Scholarly and authoritative, this is a detailed and intimate biography of John Sutter, that details not only Sutter's successes and impact on Californian history, but also his failures and numerous personal flaws.

Jonathan Edwards: America's Evangelical, by Philip F. Gura.
A compelling biography of the man who sparked the Great Awakening and who was one of the most influential and leading intellectual figures in Colonial America.

Julius Caesar: The Life and Times of the People's Dictator, by Luciano Canfora.
A detailed, authoritative, and vibrant biography of Julius Caesar.

Kelvin: Life, Labours and Legacy, edited by Raymond Flood, Mark McCartney, and Andrew Whitaker.
This book contains a collection of chapters, authored by leading experts, covering the life and wide-ranging contributions made by William Thomson, Lord Kelvin (1824-1907).

Kindler of Souls: Rabbi Henry Cohen of Texas, by Rabbi Henry Cohen II.
An intimate portrait of one the foremost American Rabbis, one who influenced not only Jewish history, but also the history of Texas.

The Life of Lord Kelvin, by Silvanus P. Thompson.
The work is considered the definitive biography of Lord Kelvin, and it includes Kelvin's personal recollections and data.

Lyndon B. Johnson and Modern America, by Kevin J. Fernlund.
Building on recent studies that have delved into Johnson's Texas roots, Kevin J. Fernlund has written a brief, lively biography of the thirty-sixth president that better shows how his home state molded his early years - and his presidency.

Marie Antoinette: The Journey, by Antonia Fraser
In this extremely readable biography, Fraser strips away the myths surrounding the tragic French Queen and presents an unbiased account of Marie Antoinette's life.

Mr. and Mrs. Disraeli: A Strange Romance, by Daisy Hay.
A compelling biography of Mary Anne Disraeli, the woman behind the noted English politician and writer, Benjamin Disraeli.

Muriel's War, by Sheila Isenberg.
A biography of Muriel Gardiner, and American heiress who joined the anti-Fascist Austrian underground.

Pathfinder - John Charles Fremont and the Course of American Empire, by Tom Chaffin.
A comprehensive biography of John Charles Fremont and the impact that he had on America's imperial ambitions.

The Pirate Hunter: The True story of Captain Kidd, by Richard Zacks
Zacks separates the fiction from the fact surrounding the life and adventures of Captain Kidd in this mesmerizing history of a man who was erroneously hung for the crime of piracy.

Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma, by Camilla Townsend.
An insightful biography that explores the life and times of Pocahontas and the tenacious relationship between the Native American population in Virginia and the invading English settlers.

The Preacher and the Presidents: Billy Graham in the White House, by Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy
A detailed history of Reverend Graham's connection to eleven American presidential administrations, and how he influenced every election from 1952 - 2000, and American history.

The Quiet Hero, by Gary W. Toyn
The Untold Medal of Honor Story of George E. Wahlen at the Battle for Iwo Jima.

Sam Patch, The Famous Jumper, by Paul E. Johnson.
The story of the first professional American daredevil, who, in 1827-1829, made his mark on history by repeatedly leaping over / off Niagara Falls, Passaic Falls, and Genesee Falls in the years.

Shush! Growing Up Jewish Under Stalin, by Emil Draitser.
An intimate and often humorous memoir about a young Jewish boy growing up in Odessa during the 1940 and 50s, while the Soviet Union was under the iron grip of Stalin.

There is a God, by Antony Flew and Roy Abraham Varghese.
How the World's Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind.

Thomas Cromwell, by Robert Hutchinson.
The Rise and Fall of Henry VIII's most Notorious Minister.

Tolstoy: A Russian Life, by Rosamund Bartlett.
The first new biography in twenty years of the literary colossus, spiritual leader, and icon of the nineteenth century.

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