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History in Review

A Collection of Books on the Syrian Civil War

A 'multiple' History in Review Book of the Week Selection for the Week of June 17, 2013

To my knowledge, no single book exists that provides an unbiased and comprehensive overview of the causes of the current political unrest that has engulfed Syria - or the aims of the various participants. Therefore, this week's book of the week is actually a series of books. If you are interested in becoming conversant with the political, social, and religious underpinnings of the current rebellion / civil war, I suggest that you select two or more of these books to read. By such means you will gain a greater understanding of the current situation than you would if you only read one book on the subject. Reading one or more of these books will also provide you with insights on how and why the Syrian people thought that Bashar al-Assad, upon taking up the mantle of President of Syria upon his father's death in 2000, would begin to institute much needed reforms - and why he failed to do so. You'll also learn that while Sunni Muslims make up the majority of Syria's citizens, they have been ruled for decades by the Assad family, members of the Alawite sect of Shia Islam. And, you'll discover why these religious divisions can easily lead to a larger conflict as neighboring countries and groups, such as Hezbollah, begin to take sides based upon ideology... The books that I'd recommend to anyone seeking to gain a greater understanding of the current political unrest in Syria are: If none of the above books provide you with the information you desire, be patient. A slew of books on the current conflict, Syrian history, and related subjects are in production and are slated to be published over the next several months...

Such as The Syrian Uprising: Dynamics of an Insurgency (St. Andrews Papers on Contemporary Syria), by Carsten Wieland, Adam Almqvist, and Helena Nassif, which is due out later this month. buy at Amazon.com

If I come across any additional books that look promising, I'll update this listing to include them... - Anna Dogole
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