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Egypt: Pharaonic Period
Volume 4: Dictionaries of Civilization series. By Alessia Fassone and Enrico Ferraris. Translated by Jay Hyams. (University of California Press, Berkeley: 2008. Pg. 384. 320 Color Illustrations, 17 b/w Photographs, 17 Line Illustrations, 2 Maps.) ISBN: 978-0-520-25648-4.

Reviewed by Herbert White - June 13, 2008

Egypt: Pharaonic Period is the fourth volume in the Dictionaries of Civilization series. This volume was written by Alessia Fassone and Enrico Ferraris, both of whom hold degrees in Egyptology, and translated into English by Jay Hyams. This volume introduces the reader to the world of Ancient Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs. Offering both an historical and cultural overview of Ancient Egypt, this volume serves as an excellent reference book for readers, and students, of all ages.

Within the pages of this text, the authors have striven to present a comprehensive overview of the region and its history. The authors discuss not only the history of the region, and Pharaonic period, but also the religion, culture traditions, and art of the period. An edifying overview of the history of Egyptology is also provided. Throughout the text is accompanied by copious illustrations, maps, and additional reference materials.

The text is organized thematically, with chapters devoted to: The text concludes with a selection of reference materials that include historical tables, a bibliography, and a list of major museums housing significant Egyptian artifacts.

Egypt: Pharaonic Period is an ideal companion for anyone traveling in (or day dreaming about) modern day Egypt. This text can be used as a handy guidebook when visiting the various archaeological sites in the region. If your travels are of the day dreaming variety, you'll find that this book, with its plentiful illustrations and insightful text, is ideal for armchair traveling. This book will also serve as a handy reference guide for students of all ages studying Ancient Egyptian history or culture, as well as those simply looking for a thrilling and informative glimpse into this period.

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