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FDR and Lucy: Lovers and Friends

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FDR and Lucy: Lovers and Friends
By Resa Willis. (New York & London, Routledge: 2004. Pg. xv, 182. 32 Photos.) ISBN: 0-415-94804-5.

Reviewed by Simone Bonim - November 10, 2004

FDR and Lucy: Lovers and Friends is a concise book by Resa Willis that chronicles the life long relationship that Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lucy Mercer shared. Married to the indomitable Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR entered into an adulterous relationship with Mercer in 1914. Their relations survived his wife's discovery, his presidency, and his long-term struggle with the ravishing effects of polio. In this fascinating book, Willis provides an in-depth overview of their relationship and the impact that it had on those around them.

In writing this book, Willis has made extensive use of documents obtained from the Roosevelt Presidential Library, as well as Mercer family documents. Willis' narrative is an amalgam of a love story and the biographies of the two principal players in this drama. FDR and Lucy: Lovers and Friends also offers unique insights into a significant period in American history and the behind the scenes 'goings on' in the household of arguably, one of the most powerful men in the 20th century.

A professor of English at Drury University, Willis is a talented biographer who has crafted an intimate and fascinating account of a once secret love affair. FDR and Lucy: Lovers and Friends is an ideal book for anyone interested in discovering the truth behind the secret life of the president that led American through the second World War. It is also a fascinating account that will captivate anyone with a romantic streak. The story of FDR and Lucy Mercer is an honest love story that extends beyond the bedroom and into the realm of soul mates and life long friends.

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