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History in Review

The Western Classical World

Ancient Greece:

Ancient Herbs, by Marina Heilmeyer.
A delightful survey of forty important plants and herbs of the ancient world, which concentrating primarily on plants used in ancient Greece and Rome.

Games and Sanctuaries in Ancient Greece: Olympia, Delphi, Isthmia, Nemea, Athens, by Panos Valavanis.
A lavishly illustrated coffee-table book that chronicles the history and archaeology surrounding the Ancient Greek Games and the Sanctuaries at which they were held.

Great Moments in Greek Archaeology, by Vasileios Petrakos, et al.
This groundbreaking book is lavishly illustrated with 658 Color illustrations, and includes 25 essays that provide a detailed overview of the discovery and excavations of some of the greatest monuments, shipwrecks, and sculptures from Ancient Greece.

Greece, by Stefania Ratto.
Volume 3 in the Dictionaries of Civilization series. This volume covers about five centuries of the history and culture of Ancient Greece starting from the 8th Century B.C.E.

Greece! Rome! Monsters!, by John Harris and Illustrated by Calef Brown.
An energetic romp through Ancient Greek and Roman mythology written for young readers.

Greek and Roman Classics: History, Literature, Religion, Philosophy, Compiled by Richard Seltzer
This CD contains a plethora of texts dealing with the history, literature, religion, and philosophy of ancient Greece, Rome, Babylon, Phoenicia, and Roman Judea.

Greek Archaeology: A Thematic Approach, by Christopher Mee.
An extensive examination of the material culture of the Greek world from its Neolithic roots in 7000 B.C. to the close of the Hellenistic period in 146 B.C. Features a unique thematic approach to the study of Greek archaeology.

Hellenistic Egypt: Monarchy, Society, Economy, Culture, by Jean Bingen.
A collection of essays that present a detailed overview of Egyptian history, culture, politics and economy under the Ptolemaic monarchy.

The History of Herodotus, Translated by George Rawlinson and edited by Manuel Komroff.
In this narrative, Herodotus presents his first hand-accounts of life and culture in Ancient Greece and in surrounding countries. This book also chronicles the histories of both Greece and Persian, the events leading up to the Greek - Persian War, and the war itself.

History of the Peloponnesian War, by Thucydides.
This book is based on Richard Crawley's masterful English translation, and it provides a historical overview of the first 21-years of the 27-year Civil War between Athens and Sparta.

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece, By Sean Sheehan.
There are over 250 entries in this one volume encyclopedia, which cover a range of topics associated with Ancient Greece, including Greek mythology, art, culture, history, and everyday life in Ancient Greece.

Life, Myth, and Art in Ancient Greece, by Emma J. Stafford.
An illustrated, general guidebook to the world of the ancient Greeks - for readers of all ages.

The Mycenaeans, by Louise Schofield.
A fascinating overview of Mycenaean culture and history from their rise, until their fall. Also covers their rediscovery, in 1876, by Heinrich Schliemann.

Panorama of the Classical World, by Nigel Spivey and Michael Squire.
A general overview of the history of the classical world, arranged thematically. Amply illustrated.

A Pocket Dictionary of Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses, By Richard Woff.
A concise dictionary for young readers, which serves as a brief introduction to Greek and Roman mythology.

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