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History in Review

Middle Ages

Castles and Warfare in the Middle Ages, by Eugene-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc.
A detailed architectural study on the evolution of Medieval military fortifications, as well as siege weaponry.

England in the Later Middle Ages, by Maurice H. Keen.
A general survey textbook on English history from 1290 - 1485.

Jewish Life in the Middle Ages, by Israel Abrahams.
A sweeping social history of Jewish life in Europe during the Middle Ages.

Jewish Travellers in the Middle Ages, Edited by Elkan Nathan Adler.
19 firsthand accounts of Jewish travel during the Middle Ages that were written between 801 and 1755. The accounts touch upon Jewish life in Europe, Africa, and the Near East.

The Medici State and the Ghetto of Florence, by Stefanie B. Siegmund.
The Construction of an Early Modern Jewish Community. A comprehensive history of the creation, in 1570, of the Ghetto of Florence and the impact that it had on Jewish and Italian history.

Medieval Costume and Fashion, by Herbert Norris.
A superb panoramic study of clothing worn in the Middle Ages. A meticulously researched text is enhanced with nearly 700 illustrations depicting all manner of apparel from fur-trimmed cloaks and brocaded robes of courtiers and the nobility to simpler mantles, tunics and trousers worn by merchants, huntsmen, and other commoners.

Medieval Cuisine of the Islamic World, by Lilia Zaouali.
A Concise History with 174 Recipes. The first half of this volume is devoted to exploring the history and practice of Islamic cooking, and the second half of the book is given over to a wealth of original medieval and contemporary recipes.

Medieval Love Poetry, edited by John Cherry.
A small, yet rich collection of extracts from some of the most moving love poems of the medieval period, matched with contemporaneous images that enhance the poems.

The Medieval World, Edited by Peter Linehan and Janet L. Nelson.
Thirty-nine orginial essays on life in the Middle Ages, covering just about everything from politics to sexuality. Written by 38 medieval scholars, this book raises the standard of medieval scholarship.

Objects of Virtue: Art in Renaissance Italy, By Luke Syson and Dora Thornton.
This book takes an intriguing look at how individuals in Renaissance Italy viewed others through the art that they possessed.

The Ornament of the World, By Maria Rosa Menocal.
How Muslims, Jews, and Christians Created a Culture of Tolerance in Medieval Spain.

The Travels of Ibn Battuta in the Near East, Asia and Africa 1325-1354, Translated and Edited by Rev. Samuel Lee.
A republication of the 1829 English translation of Ibn Battuta's 'Travels' which chronicles his epic 75,000 mile journey of discovery.

The Vikings: Wolves of War, by Martin Arnold.
A concise and readable survey of Viking culture and history.

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