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Houses and Monuments of Pompeii

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Houses and Monuments of Pompeii
The Works of Fausto and Felice Niccolini
. By Roberto Cassanelli, Pier Luigi Ciapparelli, Enrico Colle, and Massimiliano David. Translated into English by Thomas M. Hartmann. (Los Angeles, The J. Paul Getty Museum: 2002. 270 color illustrations, Pg. 223. Slipcased.) ISBN: 0-89236-684-2.

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - February 26, 2003

Houses and Monuments of Pompeii is a monumental book that contains a wealth of drawings and paintings of houses and monuments from Pompeii. These illustrations are accompanied by descriptions and commentary on each work. All the renderings in this volume are the works of the brothers, Fausto and Felice Niccolini. The Niccolini brothers attempted to create drawings of all the public and private buildings and monuments of Pompeii that had been uncovered. The fascinating drawings created by the Niccolinis were first published in their book, Le case i monumenti di Pompeii. Originally published in 1854, the full text and illustrations of this volume have been reproduced in this edition, with the addition of modern commentaries. These drawings are resplendent with the artwork originally found of the buildings, many of which have, over time, faded or deteriorated. Through these drawing, you can glimpse the ruins of Pompeii in a pristine state.

These drawings will delight historians, archeologists, classicists, architects, artists, as well as students and general readers. This oversized art book, which measures 10-1/4 X 14-1/2 inches, can serve as both a research tool and as a coffee-table book. The book comes with an illustrated, protective slipcase.

This book contains approximately 270 color illustrations, and the bulk of the book is given over to the plates of these illustrations. The plates are divided into six thematic categories: Besides these compelling drawings, the text is also enhanced by the inclusion of a number of essays by outstanding scholars, plus associated information such as a map of Pompeii and a chronology of the excavations carried out there. The profusely illustrated essays found in this text are: This excellent book is rounded out by an introduction by Stefano de Caro and by an extensive bibliography compiled by Massimiliano David. Informative and beautiful, Houses and Monuments of Pompeii is the companion volume to equally elegant book, Ruins of Ancient Rome, edited by Massimiliano David.

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