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Games and Sanctuaries in Ancient Greece: Olympia, Delphi, Isthmia, Nemea, Athens, by Panos Valavanis.

Gardens of Pompeii, by Annamaria Ciarallo

Gardens of the Roman World, by Patrick Bowe.

Gender and Morality in Anglo-American Culture, 1650-1800, by Ruth H. Bloch.

Germs: Biological Weapons and America's Secret War, By Judith Miller, Stephen Engelberg, and William Broad.

Getting It Published: A Guide for Scholars and Anyone Else Serious about Serious Books, by William Germano.

Gettysburg, Day Three, by Jeffry D. Wert.

Ghost Ship: The Mysterious True Story of the Mary Celeste and Her Missing Crew, by Brian Hicks.

Ghost Soldiers: The Forgotten Epic Story of World War II's Most Dramatic Mission, By Hampton Sides.

Gilgamesh: A New English Version, by Stephen Mitchell.

The Girl with the Crooked Nose, by Ted Botha.

Given Up For Dead - American GI's in the Nazi Concentration Camp at Berga, by Flint Whitlock.

Gladiators at Pompeii, by Luciana Jacobelli.

Global Flu and You: A History of Influenza, by George Dehner.

A Glorious Defeat: Mexico and Its War with the United States, by Timothy J. Henderson.

Glory Denied: The Saga of Jim Thompson, America's Longest-Held Prisoner of War, by Tom Philpott.

Gods and Heroes in Art, By Lucia Impelluso.

Gods and Heroes in Pompeii, By Ernesto De Carolis.

God's Instruments: Political Conduct in the England of Oliver Cromwell, by Blair Worden.

Going for Broke: Japanese American Soldiers in the War Against Nazi Germany, by James M. McCaffrey.

Goldberger's War: The Life and Work of a Public Health Crusader, by Alan M. Kraut.

Good Germs, Bad Germs: Health and Survival in a Bacterial World, by Jessica Snyder Sachs.

Gospel Figures in Art, By Stefano Zuffi.

The Gospel in Brief, by Leo Tolstoy.

Governess: The Lives and Times of the Real Jane Eyres, by Ruth Brandon.

The Great Mutiny: India 1857, by Christopher Hibbert.

Greasy Luck: A Whaling Sketchbook, by Gordon Grant.

The Great Empires of the Ancient World, edited by Thomas Harrison.

The Greatest Threat: Iraq, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the Crisis of Global Security, by Richard Butler.

Great Moments in Greek Archaeology, by Vasileios Petrakos, et al.

The Great Plague, By Stephen Porter

The Great Plague - The Story of London's Most Deadly Year, by A. Lloyd Moote and Dorothy C. Moote.

Greece, by Stefania Ratto.

Greece! Rome! Monsters!, by John Harris and Illustrated by Calef Brown.

Greek and Roman Classics: History, Literature, Religion, Philosophy, Compiled by Richard Seltzer.

Greek Archaeology: A Thematic Approach, by Christopher Mee.

The Greek Myths, By Robert Graves.

Guns on the Early Frontiers, by Carl P. Russell.

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