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Walk in the Light and Twenty-Three Tales, by Leo Tolstoy.

War & Genocide: A Concise History of the Holocaust, by Doris L. Bergen.

The War of 1812 in the Age of Napoleon, by Jeremy Black.

Warfare and Society in Europe, 1898 to the Present, by Michael S. Neiberg.

Warrior Women: An Archaeologist's Search for History's Hidden Heroines, By Jeannine Davis-Kimball, with Mona Behan

The War That Made America: A Short History of the French and Indian War, by Fred Anderson.

War Under Heaven - Pontiac, The Indian Nations, & The British Empire, by Gregory Evans Dowd.

Water and Ritual - The Rise and Fall of Classic Maya Rulers, by Lisa J. Lucero.

Water in the Middle East, edited by K. David Hambright, F. Jamil Ragep, and Joseph Ginat.

What We Knew - Terror, Mass Murder, and Everyday Life in Nazi Germany, by Eric A. Johnson and Karl-Heinz Reuband .

When This Bloody War is Over, by Max Arthur.

The White and the Gold: The French Regime in Canada, by Thomas B. Costain.

Whose Bible Is It? A History of the Scriptures Through the Ages, by Jaroslav Prlikam.

The Wiley-Blackwell Dictionary of Modern European History Since 1789, by Nicholas Atkin, Michael Biddiss, and Frank Tallett.

Wiley's Real Latin: Learning Latin from the Sources, by Robert Maltby and Kenneth Belcher.

The Witchcraft Sourcebook, edited by Brian P. Levack.

Witnesses of War: Children's Lives Under the Nazis, by Nicholas Stargardt.

Wolfe at Quebec, by Christopher Hibbert.

Women and Beauty in Pompeii, By Antonio d'Ambrosio

Women in Ancient Rome, Edited by Diana E. E. Kleiner and Susan B. Matheson.
(I, Claudia: Women in Ancient Rome and I Claudia II: Women in Roman Art and Society.)

Women of Byzantium, by Carolyn L. Connor.

Words That Work, by Frank Luntz.

Workbook for Introduction to Classical Nahuatl (Revised Edition), by J. Richard Andrews.
A workbook to accompany the revised and updated second edition of Introduction to Classical Nahuatl. The workbook includes exercises keyed to the text, as well as an answer key and vocabulary list.

Workbook for Introduction to Classical Nahuatl (Revised Edition), by J. Richard Andrews.

World of Myths, Introduced by Marina Warner.

World War I, by S. L. A. Marshall.

World War One: A Short History, by Norman Stone.

The Worlds of S. An-sky, by Gabriella Safran and Steven J. Zipperstein.

Write Your Own Egyptian Hieroglyphs, by Angela McDonald.

Writing for Social Scientists: How to Start and Finish Your Thesis, Book, or Article, by Howard S. Becker.

Writing Mexican History, by Eric Van Young.
A series of essays that cover the breadth of historiographic methodologies used to study Mexican history.

The Year 1000: What Life was Like at the Turn of the First Millennium, by Robert Lacey and Danny Danziger

Zigzag: The Incredible Wartime Exploits of Double Agent Eddie Chapman, by Nicholas Booth.

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