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Cultures in Conflict. The Seven Years' War in North America

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Cultures in Conflict. The Seven Years' War in North America.
Edited by Warren R. Hofstra. (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Lanham, Maryland: 2007. Pg. xiii, 191. Map, Illustrations.) ISBN 10: 0-7425-5130-X. ISBN 13: 978-0-7425-5130-5.

Reviewed by Simone Bonim - August 24, 2007

The Seven Years War (1754-1765), also known as the French and Indian War, is a fascinating and pivotal event in not only European but also American history. On the American front, this war is often overshadowed (especially in the classroom) by the Revolutionary War. However, it is impossible to accurately understand the factors that lead to the American War of Independence without first having an understanding of the Seven Years' War. In Cultures in Conflict: The Seven Years' War in North America, readers are offered the opportunity to explore diverse aspects of this war from various cultural perspectives, via seven extraordinary essays written by scholars in a number of historical fields.

Edited by Warren R. Hofstra, this book offers an up-to-date and relevant look at the war from a variety of viewpoints, including Canadians, Native tribes, Europeans, and American Colonist. In the process, these essays paint a vivid portrait of not only the causes and execution of the war, but also its long term impact on American history, native cultures, the ongoing hostilities between native peoples and Anglo colonists.

The contributors to this book include Fred Anderson, Catherine Desbarats, Jonathan R. Dull, Allan Greer, Eric Hinderaker, Woody Holton, Warren R. Hofstra, Paul Mapp, and Timothy J. Shannon. In addition, a sampling of the essays in this text include: Cultures in Conflict: The Seven Years' War in North America is a compelling book, and essential reading for anyone with an interest in any aspect of the war. The essays are scholarly, but are accessible to both academicians and general readers. The text is well suited as a supplemental text in both undergraduate and graduate level courses on the Seven Years' War, as well as courses in Native American Studies, American or Canadian Colonial history, Military history, and Multi-cultural studies. In addition, each essay includes extensive endnotes that can be used as a guide to further study into this pivotal event in North American history.

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